February Community Pride
Posted: 02/11/2013
Author: Century Area Chamber of Commerce

Divine Intervention

The Century Area Chamber of Commerce has named the recipients of the February 2013 Community Pride Award. 

Don Grant, owner of Century Marine along with Faith Bible Baptist Church, Abundant Life Assembly of God Church and Tabernacle Baptist Church were chosen in honor of their efforts to take initiative in displaying the Christmas 2012 Nativity Scene.

The Town of Century was informed by an attorney representing Freedom From Religion that they could not display the Nativity Scene on Town Hall property.  To avoid a lawsuit, Mayor McCall auctioned off the Nativity Scene to the highest bidder.  The winner of the Nativity Scene was Faith Bible Baptist Church. 

Faith Bible Baptist Church teamed up with Don Grant (owner of Century Marine), Abundant Life Baptist Church and Tabernacle Assembly of God Church to ensure the Nativity Scene would not only be displayed but it would be displayed directly across the street from Town Hall:

  • Don Grant made no hesitation to donate his property, located directly across from Century Town Hall for the Nativity Scene to be displayed.
  • Faith Bible Baptist Church purchased the Nativity Scene.
  • Tabernacle Assembly of God Church provided the wiring for electricity.
  • Abundant Life Baptist Church provided the electricity.

Don Ripley, President of the Century Area Chamber of Commerce said, “The community really came together to make this happen.  Events such as this are what make Century a great community.”

Don Grant has already given permission for his property to be used for the 2013 display of the Nativity Scene.  Robert Barrow, Pastor of Faith Bible Baptist Church along with members of his congregation agreed that they were more than happy to assist with the erection of the Nativity Scene. 

Those in the community who would like to participate may have that opportunity.  It has been suggested that the preparation for the 2013 display could even be a Family Fun Day.

Community Pride

Pictured above:  Community Pride Award Recipients