Byrneville Elementary's Second Grade Studies Local Government
Posted: 01/28/2013
Author: Town of Century

Byrneville Elementary’s Second Grade Studies Local Government


Town Clerk Leslie Gonzalez was invited to be a guest reader at Byrneville Elementary School this week. 

Mrs. Gonzalez chose to read Ballyhoo Bay by Judy Sierra to the second grade classes of Ms. Weaver and Ms. Marshman.  The book describes how local artists and children attend a town council meeting and let their voices be heard in opposition to development on Ballyhoo Beach.

The students have been studying local government and shared some their vocabulary words:  council, minutes, proclamation.   

Mrs. Gonzalez told the students the difference between a town, a city and a village in the state of Florida.  The children were surprised to learn that there is no difference.  The founders of each municipality simply chose what sounded best to them.

After reading to the second grade classes, Mrs. Gonzalez visited Councilwoman Jacke Johnston’s fifth grade class where the students showed how they had each electronically signed their own copy of the Declaration of Independence.

“It was refreshing to see students being prepared to be our future leaders,” stated Gonzalez.  “We are proud of what the administration and faculty have achieved and are all delighted to have this A-rated school so close to home.”

Mrs. Weaver's Class   Ms. Marshman's Class

Pictured Above:  (Top) Mrs. Weaver's Class   (Bottom)  Ms. Marshman's Class