Welcome to Century
Posted: 01/25/2013
Author: Town of Century

Welcome to Century

Mayor McCall gathered with Councilman Riley and Councilwoman Jackson, members of the Century Area Chamber of Commerce and local officials at the southernmost entrance to the Town for the Century Correctional Institute’s unveiling of the new Welcome to Century sign. 

The new Welcome to Century signs at the north and south entrances of the Town were designed by Lt. Anthony Nolan and built and installed by prison inmates at no cost to the Town.

Warden Will Whitehurst was on hand for the event and spoke to the crowd about the collaboration between the Town of Century and the prison and how excited he is to be in Century.  Warden Whitehurst said, “These signs are a Thank You to the Town for all of the support that is given to our facility”.

Mayor McCall revealed how he noticed that Warden Whitehurst came in with boots on the ground -- running, trying to make Century a better place,  providing inmate help to the Town of Century.  “We have a mutually beneficial partnership.  We work together.”

The remarkable north and south signs make striking entrances to the Town of Century and are each flanked by an American flag and State of Florida flags.  The signs were made of steel encased in juniper and represent the symbol of the historic Sawmill Town that Century once was and is embellished with “The Dawning of a New Century” and bright skies of the future.

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