A Letter to The Chiefs
Posted: 11/29/2012
Author: Town of Century

A Letter to The Chiefs from Councilwoman Johnston

Nothing thrills me more than to see a community come together and stand behind its school! 

Northview Chiefs, you have shown diligence, perseverance, dedication, and hard work all season.  I have loved watching you play on Fridays and stand in awe at the strong support you receive from all aspects of the community. 

I love going to Friday Night Lights at Northview -- not only for the amazing football game. 

I also enjoy saluting the flag held by the ROTC, hearing the Tribal Beat Band, watching the majorettes, Color Guard, and cheerleaders.  I love dancing while the Mascot leads the charge, and smiling at all the support given by the NHS faculty and staff, parents, the student body, and everyone else cheering in the stands. 

Nothing beats the overall atmosphere!  You are in it to win it and we are all so proud of you!