Banning Synthetic Drugs and Criminal Gang Prevention
Posted: 08/05/2013
Author: Town of Century

Banning Synthetic Drugs

To combat the growing epidemic of synthetic drug use in Florida, I sponsored a bill banning 27 chemical compounds often referred to as “spice,” “K2” or “bath salts.” Marketed as legal alternatives to illicit drugs, these substances cause dangerous side effects including paranoia, hallucinations, seizures and psychotic episodes.

Although the Legislature outlawed a group of synthetic drugs in 2011, this legislation was needed to stop illegal drug manufacturers from producing new, slightly different compounds that skirt existing law.

Pam Bondi and Clay Ingram

Florida Attorney General Pamela Jo "Pam" Bondi, left, applauds with Rep. Clay Ingram, R-Pensacola, as the House approved unanimously CS/HB619 on controlled substances.


Criminal Gang Prevention

In recent years, neighborhood or “hybrid” gangs have begun to infiltrate communities across Florida. To stop the growing threat posed by these criminal organizations, I filed House Bill 407, which protects our children from gang recruitment  and  establishes harsher penalties for criminals convicted of gang-related crimes. The Florida Legislature passed HB 407 almost unanimously, and I am pleased to report that Governor Scott recently signed the bill into law.


What the Bill Does

  1. Enhances trespassing penalties within school safety zones for criminals convicted of gang-related offenses
  2. Strengthens penalties for soliciting or recruiting gang membership of children under age 13
  3. Helps give prosecutors the tools they need to secure tough sentences for gang-related crimes


Quote:   “I became concerned about the spike in violence being reported by the media and went on a mission to determine its cause. When it became apparent that gangs were the culprit, I worked with law enforcement and the State Attorney to find a solution for this disturbing trend.”  – Rep. Clay Ingram

Clay Ingram