CCI Community Partnership Part V
Posted: 07/18/2013
Author: Town of Century

Food Services

Food Services run by Ms. Bivins prepares approximately 3,000 meals a day.  The first meal preparation begins at 2am with the first plate going out about 4am.  After clean-up from breakfast, lunch preparation begins.  The cycle continues until clean-up is done after dinner.  Needless to say, there is not much “down time” in Food Services.

To keep the cost down:

  • No trash bags in trash cans
  • No napkins with meals
  • No air conditioning
  • Cut up buffer pads to use as scouring pads instead of purchasing Scotch Brite scrub pads
  • Use hand dryers at all units in the Visiting Park and in Food Services to cut down on hand towels
  • Looking to replace dish washer with a 4 compartment sink for dishes to be washed by hand
  • Prepare produce (tomatoes, squash, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.) grown by inmates

The list of things that Century Corrections is doing to save tax payer dollars is lengthy and impressive.  The Food Services and Laundry units are able to implement more of these “dollar savers” due to the nature of their work.



To keep the cost down:

 Looking to install clothes lines behind the Laundry unit to hang inmate laundry rather than using the dryers.  (It costs $5.00 a load to run 1 dryer.)

  • T-Shirts are no longer issued to inmates
  • Make inmate clothes -- boxer shorts, inmate uniforms (Assistant Warden, Linda Marinin said, "We cut our own patterns for the uniforms.  The inmates sizes are obtained upon their arrival.   The pants have elastic in the waste so one pair will fit 3 sizes.  For example a medium pair of pants will fit from 32” – 36” waist.")
  • Make laundry detergent (This only costs 2¢ a load to wash clothes.)
  • Clothes are donated to dress inmates upon their release.

Century Correctional Institution would like to partner with a business that could supply sheets, pillow cases and blankets.  If you would like to help with this or any other opportunity, contact Linda Marinin, Assistant Warden at 850-256-2600.