CCI Community Partnership Part IV
Posted: 07/17/2013
Author: Town of Century

Century Corrections

Community Partnership Part IV

The Library

Ruth Bolen is the Librarian at Century Corrections.

She explained that the library is broken into two parts.  Inmates have access to the general library where regular books and magazines can be checked out. 

All reading material is thoroughly screened.  Books and magazines must not contain any form of weapons, violence or sexually explicit material.   Check out time for each book is three weeks, and the inmates may check out up to five books at a time. 

If you have any books or magazines that you would like to donate to the library at Century Correctional Institution, contact Ruth Bolen at 850-256-2600.

Library  Ms. Bolen


Ready To Work

The second section of the library is the law library.  If an inmate wishes to file a motion, this is where he would go to do his research on that. 

Just outside the library is the RTC (Residential Therapeutic Community.  This is a program that rehabilitates inmates who have struggled with alcohol and drug issues.  Ms. Lewis is the head of this program.  Her advice to the participants of RTC is, “Come to us and act like you are ready to go to work”. 

The RTC services 136 to 142 inmates.  The inmates in this program are kept segregated from the rest of the population.  The halls of the RTC wing are decorated with the most amazing, inspirational artwork which is all painted by inmates.