3rd Annual Sawmill Day and Car Show
Posted: 05/06/2013
Author: Century Chamber

The 3rd annual Sawmill Day and Car Show  was held in Century on Saturday, May 4th

The Car Show featured many makes, models and years of pampered beauties.  The owners of the vehicles were proud to share stories of all of the prideful work that they have invested in beautifying and restoring their cars.

The Sawmill Day festivities included booths and activities for all ages -- from live entertainment, dancers, tours of all three museums, crafts, to toys and all of the delicious snacks.  There was definitely something there for everyone.

For more information you may click here to visit the Alger-Sullivan Historical Society website.

Winners for car show

Top trophy winners for car show include

1. Jerry Dawson, BEST OF SHOW – 1970 Chevelle
2. Diane Van Leer, 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
3. Eric Uptegrove, Chevy Corvette Roadster Convertible
4. Freddie McCall, 1930 Model A
5. Gene Sims, 1965 Mercury Comet
6. Gerald Dubose, 1940 Chevrolet
7. Jean Yale, Chevrolet SSR
8. Joe Pecjak, 1967 International Harvester
9. John Henderson, 1947 Ford
10. Louis Tharp, 1966 Corvette
11. Peggy Lynn, 1966 Mustang
12. Ramon Renfro, Mitshubishi
13. Will & Rita Adams, 1966 Volkswagen
14. Buddy Lynn, 1963 ½ Ford Galaxie, Best Interior
15. Joe Linzy, 1958 Ford Hardtop Convertible, Best Paint
16. Donnie Carlisle, 1970 Mustang, Best Engine

 *Thanks go to Diane Van Leer, Ron Wadkins and Sam Archer for their work. There were others and I didn't write their names down (Jerry and Jean, I'm sorry). I will accept corrections and additions.


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All photos by centuryflorida.com


The contact information to the above vendors is as listed below:

  1. Turtle Point Science Center:  251-296-3402 or e-mail turtlepoint @escambiak12.net
  2. Cypress Swings & Things:  850-994-7289 or cell 850-516-5615
  3. Lady Bug Unique:  850-512-0454 or e-mail ldybugmum3@yahoo.com
  4. Linda Waller (Tupperware):  850-256-2932 or e-mail TupperLinda@my.tupperware.com
  5. Sandy Marsh (Scentsy):  850-393-4568 or click here
  6. Marcia Johnston (BuffaloWoman Flute Music):  850-494-9977 or click here
  7. C & C Honey Farm:  850-995-1304
  8. Dawn Carter (handmade earrings):  850-304-4647